LQprofil is a program for scaled models builders. From a  given airfoil, you  will be able to draw and print templates, i.e. the pieces used to shape your airfoils.

Although results are of great quality, LQprofil is a freeware. This program runs under Windows95, 98, and 2000, or WindowsNT.

LQPROFIL consists of  two functions

An easy to use airfoils browser
  • Verify input files values
  • Automated airfoils browse
  • Structured Airfoils directory for text files
  • Quick airfoil selection with keywords
  • Easy Internet downloads (text files)
A powerfull tool for templates design
  • Millimitered squared and zoom
  • Smoothed airfoil drawing and automated skin thichness computation
  • Moveable and adjutable pieces cuts out with à great accuracy
  • Rotation line relative to the polystyrene block
  • Printing on one or two pages with connecting marks

Note: Drawing and printing are sharper than this figure

LQprofil is shipped with templates samples, help file, and a reduced number of airfoils files to reduce download time. During the installation process (unzip), the windows registry database is not modified, and no file (such as DLL) is added to windows folders.

Download LQprofil.zip ( 317Ko )LQprofils

LQPROFIL offers an original screen animation

The main screen of LQprofil shows some figures executed by the
famous john "Nono" JEGOU's Morane (french model championship winner).

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the screen capture of this animation.

Image3 (35K)
Click on the thumbmnail to enlarge the sceen capture of an LQANIM

Create your own air meeting of your scaled models !

LQANIM creates a virtual air show with your own model pictures. The animation is like LQprofil one, with much more capabilities : take off, landing,  loopings, flight, parachute jump, etc.. The screen saver version is planned for August 2000.

Just send to us 2 digitalized pictures of your favorite scaled model.

LQanim is a shareware. Cost is 10 Euros or 10 US $  because we have some work to do with the pictures palettes. With LQanim, a database of about 1200 structured and verified airfoils files is also shipped.

LQANIM can be obtained by the way of E-Mail or a 1,44 Mo floppy disk. The 2 digitalized pictures recommanded format is .JPG (.JPEG) and they must be like LQAnim ones (stop the animation and look at the 2 largest pictures). If you have only paper pictures, we can scan them for you.

Delphi* users may receive, on special request, the sprites animation engine (unit source code + help file + 8 source code projects samples). Still coded in Dephi, the smoothing algorithm of LQprofil is also available. The use of Bezier curves with an adjustable smoothing factor allows for example to transform a sqare into a circle (source code + a sample project).

*Borland-Inprise product

Links :

Scaled Models : AL go to accueil

Programming : Jean-Yves QUEINEC j.y.q(at)wanadoo.fr

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